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About Us

Warwickshire Pride is the primary LGBT+ organisation in Warwickshire. We run a number of services and events for LGBT+ people. Our mission is:


"to ensure that all people feel valued and included in society, regardless of sexuality or gender identity"


We also have the following objectives, that are for the benefit of LGBT+ people:


1.To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of such people, in particular, but not exclusively through:


  • The provision of information, guidance and emotional support;

  • Safe, social meeting spaces where people can explore verbally and express their sexual orientation or gender identity.


2.The promotion of equality and diversity in the Warwickshire area for the public benefit by:


  • The elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity;

  • Working in partnership with other providers and community groups to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, and the needs of LGBT+ young people and adults;

  • Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity, with a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity.


Warwickshire Pride was originally known as Push Projects LGBTQ Youth Support. It was founded in 2011 by Daniel Browne, who is the current Chair of Trustees. Daniel previously volunteered at Warwickshire County Council's LGBT+ youth group, but when that came to an end, he felt that LGBT+ young people still needed support. This is when the idea for Push Projects was born. After speaking to young people from the old LGBT+ youth group, Push Projects was set up and had its first drop-in on 6th October 2011.


When Push Projects was founded, Daniel was told by a local councillor that there are no gay people in Warwickshire and that a project of this kind is not needed.


From then, Push Projects grew from one weekly drop in for LGBT+ young people into an award winning charity that provided a number of services for LGBT+ young people and events for the whole community. In June 2015, Push Projects officially registered as a charity and continued to go from strength to strength. To date, hundreds of LGBT+ people in Warwickshire, around the UK and internationally have been supported by Push Projects, and thousands of people have enjoyed the events organised by the charity.


As the charity developed, it became clear that it was not just young people who needed support. Adults did too, so a range of services and activities for older people were set up. As Push Projects was becoming more than a youth charity, it was decided that the name would be changed to Warwickshire Pride. The name change happened in November 2016 and is more reflective of everything that the charity does.


Warwickshire Pride is managed by a board of trustees and has a number of volunteers who help to run the services and events that are provided by the charity.


This website is all about Proud Youth, which is all the cool stuff for LGBT+ people aged 12 - 18 that Warwickshire Pride run. Below you can find out more about the fabulous people who run the Proud Youth groups.

meet the team

DAN (he/him)


Dan is the Chair of Trustees at Warwickshire Pride and runs the Proud Youth drop-ins too. Dan does the majority of the work involved in running the charity, and is often found getting stuck in to make sure everything runs smoothly. Eating chocolate, singing, dancing badly and Star Trek are some of Dan's favourite things.

HEALEY (he/him/they/them)


Healey began his journey as a member of the drop-in. Now he is a trustee of the charity and also a volunteer, helping to run the drop-in that helped him. Healey also volunteers at events and is always on hand to help out when he can. Healey is a Drag Queen and performs at various events too. He even writes and releases music under his Drag Queen alias.

Proud Youth is run by Warwickshire Pride

Registered Charity Number: 1162449

Telephone: 07580 532659

Email: [email protected]

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