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Hi. I'm Lewis. I'm 16 and I came out to my stepbrother as gender fluid about 2 years ago as he is trans. I basically just really needed someone to talk to about what was going on. He helped me work things out about myself and I discovered I'm not gender fluid, but transgender. I came out to the rest of my family as such about 2 months ago. My dad has not spoken to me since, and my boyfriend who I had been with for 2 years also left me. Even though all of that sounds really bad, since I came out everything has been alot easier and everyone has been very supportive in using my preferred name and pronouns. So for anyone thinking of coming out, you may have a few set backs and lose some people who you think are important, but honestly if they refuse to support you then you don't need them. If you're wondering about my brother he is now 11 months on testosterone and is having top surgery in 3 months.

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